Borda del Pi

Welcome to the Borda del Pi,

A stars shower falling in the Montaup Valley lighted up the Borda del Pi, a tourist chalet located in an exclusive, prime, and singular setting in the Pyrenees between Spain and France, against a backdrop of lush and peaceful meadows and hillsides at the heart of the Collet de Montaup.

This is a new place in Andorra to enjoy a break in peace and quiet and enjoy any activity, mostly sporting, with your family, friends, or to develop company training programs, corporate activities or any other tourist or corporate purpose you can imagine.

It's not any normal chalet but rather a leisure chalet, recreational, and focussed on people who want to experience the mountain, skiing, adventure, and relaxation in a quite exclusive environment.

In winter, the mountain is purity and the snow makes it immaculate. In summer, it turns into a picture-perfect scene, with a blend of greens, yellows, and browns juxtaposed with the purest blue of the sky, the lakes, and the rivers. And in autumn, the greens, yellows, reds and browns dye the landscapes giving them a warmth to enjoy.

The chalet was built in 2009 in line with construction models of a classic Andorran borda but adapted to the modern time and geared to an exclusive tourism who wishes to enjoy nature and the environment in their most unspoiled state.

The chalet measures 410 m2 and 49.325 m2 of open ground, allowing us to receive our clients with helicopter just in front of its location.

The chalet's interior has been designed with wood and other sophisticated materials, since the founders have paid attention of every detail to welcome you to one of the most charming and welcoming spots in the Valleys of Andorra.

Its privileged location will allow you to escape and enjoy nature and purity at an altitude of 1890 meters, with exceptional views over the Montaup valley and the village of Canillo.

The chalet has three suites and can lodge up to eight people. The main room is the Pi Suite, located on the ground floor, and the suites of the Isard, and the Casamanya are located on the upper floor.

On the ground floor, there is a hall with reception space, the kitchen, the spacious living room, the garage and the Suite of the Pi, all these rooms with access to the outside.

The kitchen opens on to the living room, where you can enjoy of the most succulent gastronomic services that we offer to you, or if you wish, you can you can make use of your magnificent culinary skills. 

The living room with a spacious sofa in front the cozy flames of the fireplace, so you can enjoy a pleasant and cozy stay.

On the upper floor, you can enjoy a Chill out area with sofas, relaxation area and reading and rest area, that you can enjoy with the family, friends, colleagues, or in couple. Here, you can freely enjoy the bar cabinet or self-catering, while enjoying a rest with views of the mountains.

The Chill Out area also offers the flexibility of becoming an open room with space for three more beds.

In line with a property of these characteristics, on the outside you can enjoy a large space with garden and barbecue.